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At our practice in Venice, Florida, Dr. George Strickland and our team can help if you are missing one or more teeth. Missing teeth, apart from taking away from your smile aesthetically can also affect your remaining teeth surrounding the gaps. These teeth are now vulnerable to shifting and rotating and causing problems with your bite. Left unchecked, this can eventually lead to problems with your gums and disorders with your TMJ (jaw joints).

Enter the dental bridge! A bridge can replace missing teeth as they are cemented to either dental implants or your natural teeth. The teeth or implants anchor the bridge. There are a variety of bridge materials, including porcelain and ceramic that blend in with your natural teeth. Bridge material may be chosen based on function, cost, location, appearance.

To help your bridge last a lifetime, you will want to take good care of them. It really isn’t much different than your current oral hygiene standards, as the goal is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and provide sturdy support for your teeth and bridge. To maintain a healthy smile with bridges, you will want to practice the following:

–Brush: Brush your smile with a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice every day.

–Floss: Floss your teeth where your brush can’t reach, this means between the teeth and bridge and along the gumline.

–Checkups: Checkups and professional dental cleanings are indispensable to maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

–Protection: Protect your teeth and bridge from harm by avoiding hard foods such as hard candy or ice, and chewing hard objects, including biting your fingernails.

Caring for your bridge is like caring for your pearly whites. By taking time for your smile health, your smile can last a lifetime! Excellent oral care will also help prevent your bridge from coming loose and falling out. Healthy teeth and gums are vital to supporting your bridge.

If you are missing teeth and are considering crossing over the dental bridge, we are here to help! Please give us a call at 941-451-7059 to find out more. Dr. George Strickland in Venice, Florida is happy to work with you to meet all of your smile goals.