Enter the Summer Season with a Bright, Beautiful Smile

At the dental office of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida we offer teeth whitening treatments for our patients who need a little help brightening their smile. Stains sometimes occur due to irregularities in the enamel that attract stains when you routinely eat or drink consumables that are dark in... Read more »

Is an All-Porcelain Dental Crown Right for You?

At the dental practice of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida we are delighted to offer all-porcelain dental crowns for our patients who are experiencing difficulties with a tooth. Our all-porcelain dental crown completely "caps" your damaged tooth to make it look and feel like new again. This makes the... Read more »

Restoring your Smile with Full Mouth Restoration

If you have dental problems throughout your smile, such as missing teeth, multiple fillings which are failing, broken or badly worn teeth, you may need help restoring your smile with full mouth restoration. This process rebuilds or replaces the teeth in your smile to restore healthy function and appearance. At... Read more »

Caring for Your Dentures to Keep Them Complementing Your Smile

Are you currently wearing dentures to complement your smile? If so, caring for them is vital to maintaining their appearance and effectiveness. At the dental office of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida, we are pleased to share some denture care tips today for our patients. Let's take a look! To care... Read more »

Cleaning Your Clear Aligners

Many of our patients in Venice, Florida are pleased to be using the Invisalign® clear aligner system to straighten their smiles. Dr. George Strickland, DDS has found great success with this alignment system for our patients who want straighter teeth without having to wear braces with brackets and wires on... Read more »

Don’t Let Tooth Stains Darken Your Smile

Dr. George Strickland and our team in Venice, Florida is pleased to be able to offer both in-house and at-home teeth whitening for our patients who need a smile boost. But once you have your teeth whitened, you will want to take protective measures while consuming your favorite foods and... Read more »

A Dental Bridge Is a Helpful One to Cross!

At our practice in Venice, Florida, Dr. George Strickland and our team can help if you are missing one or more teeth. Missing teeth, apart from taking away from your smile aesthetically can also affect your remaining teeth surrounding the gaps. These teeth are now vulnerable to shifting and rotating... Read more »

Porcelain Dental Crowns Offer Benefits for Your Smile

George Strickland and our team in Venice Florida are pleased to offer custom-crafted porcelain dental crowns for our patients who have issues with their smiles. Whether you want to strengthen teeth or mask cosmetic flaws, dental crowns can help, particularly porcelain dental crowns which blend in naturally with your teeth.... Read more »

Missing Teeth? Let Our Dentures Restore Your Smile

If you are missing teeth and are ready to make a change to benefit your smile, have you considered wearing dentures? Dentures not only help your smile look its best again, but will also make it function properly as well. Our dentist, Dr. George Strickland has been helping patients restore... Read more »

How Can Full Mouth Reconstruction Bring Back Your Smile?

At the dental office of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida, we are pleased to be able to provide full mouth reconstruction for our patients who need to restore a healthy smile. Full mouth reconstruction replaces all of the damaged teeth in your smile, aesthetically and effectively to its previous function,... Read more »