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Are you currently wearing dentures to complement your smile? If so, caring for them is vital to maintaining their appearance and effectiveness. At the dental office of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida, we are pleased to share some denture care tips today for our patients. Let’s take a look!

To care for your removable dentures (full and partial) you should strive for the following:

— After you eat, you want to rinse your dentures carefully to remove any food particles and oral debris. It can help to place a towel down on your sink or counter as you clean them in case you accidentally drop them. Avoid bending or harming the plastic or the clasps as you rinse.

— Next, brush your teeth using a soft toothbrush to clean the rest of your mouth (gauze can be used instead of a toothbrush to clean your soft tissues).

— You will want to clean your dentures at least once each day. Soaking them in a nonabrasive cleaning agent, such as denture cleaner, and brushing gently them will help remove oral residue including dental plaque.

— Do you use a denture adhesive? If so, be sure to clean the parts of the dentures that touch your gums to clear away any remaining adhesive. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off any denture cleaner before putting the dentures back in your mouth.

— When you take your dentures out at night you want to store them either in a mild denture soak or plain water to keep them moist. If they are not kept moist at all times, they can lose their shape.

— Always, always rinse your dentures with cool water after you have cleaned or soaked them to remove any chemical residue. Never use hot water as it can alter your dentures.

Be sure to maintain routine dental checkups so that Dr. George Strickland can make sure your dentures fit correctly and have our team professionally clean them. If you ever have problems with your dentures, or if they seem to be loose when wearing them, please come in to be seen by Dr. Strickland as soon as possible.

To keep your dentures looking and working their best, implementing these smile care tips will serve you best. If you have any questions for Dr. George Strickland and our dedicated team in Venice, Florida, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 941-451-7059. We look forward to working with you for all of your smile care needs!