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If you have been considering dental implants, but are nervous about making the commitment, we would like to help. To help you feel more comfortable with dental implants, we would like to dispel some common myths surrounding dental implants.

“Dental implant placements are painful.” 

Because dental implant placement is a surgical procedure, there is some discomfort and pain, but not much more than having a tooth extracted. Dr. George Strickland and our team will ensure that you are as comfortable during the procedure as possible, offering aesthetic options to suit your needs.

“Dental implants can be rejected or even fall out.”

Because dental implants are made from biocompatible materials—titanium, most often, your body won’t reject it. In a small percentage of patients, a dental implant may fail to bond with the jawbone, loosen or fall out. But the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons says that dental implants have a success rate of 95 percent.

“Dental implants are very expensive.”

Dental implants do cost more than dentures or dental bridges, initially. But in the long run, dental implants are more cost-effective because they last longer than dentures or bridges, lasting up to 25 years.

“Any dental provider can do an implant, so you can shop for a bargain.”

A discount dental provider may cut corners using less experienced staff, outdated equipment or poor quality materials leaving you with sub-standard results. Considering you want your implant to last, you want quality work done using quality materials. Dr. George Strickland will ensure that your dental implant is the highest quality available.

“Dental implants are only for healthy young people.”

Dental implants can only be done when jaw growth is complete, but once that happens you can have a dental implant restoration successfully performed up into your 90’s. While active gum disease, bleeding disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, and hypertension may be problematic, most health issues which are treated and controlled will allow you to be a successful dental implant candidate.

At George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida, Dr. George Strickland and our team want to help you receive the quality dental care you deserve. To find out more about our dental implants, please give us a call at 941-451-7059 today!