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If you’re interested in keeping your smile free from oral cancer in Venice, Florida, our George Strickland, DDS team has some helpful tips for you!

Oral cancer is a serious and dangerous disease that can destroy your smile and result in your death, which is why Dr. George Strickland and our team strongly recommend preventing this sickness at all costs. You can prevent oral cancer by doing the following things:

-Don’t smoke any tobacco products and refrain from binge drinking alcohol.

-Have a well-balanced diet.

-Limit your exposure to the sun. Being in the sun can increase your risks of cancer on the lips.

It’s also recommended to identify and treat the disease as early as possible. If you do so, the chances of you eliminating the cancer from your mouth increase. So, please do the following things to increase your chances of having a top-notch oral health:

-Conduct a self-exam at least once a month: Use a bright light and mirror and closely examine your entire mouth, like your lips, gums, and tongue, and look for any signs of oral cancer. It’s also important to look at the back of your throat and check your neck for any lumps or enlarged lymph nodes.

-Visit your dentist regularly: Regular dental visits are vital and extremely beneficial. When you come into our office for your dental cleanings, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening. This is very helpful because sometimes the self-exams cannot identify the little signs.

For more information and details, please call 941-451-7059 today and schedule an appointment. We are more than happy to tell you all we know so you can have a strong and successful oral health!