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At the dental practice of George Strickland, DDS in Venice, Florida we are delighted to offer all-porcelain dental crowns for our patients who are experiencing difficulties with a tooth. Our all-porcelain dental crown completely “caps” your damaged tooth to make it look and feel like new again. This makes the tooth strong again while color-matched to your surrounding teeth.

In fact, our all-porcelain crown can improve a tooth’s look, shape and even alignment in your mouth. If you have the following conditions, Dr. George Strickland may recommend a dental crown to help restore your smile’s function and appearance.

  • You have a fractured tooth which needs repairing.
  • You have a dental implant which needs covering.
  • You have a tooth which isn’t colored or shaped attractively.
  • You have a large filling in a tooth and there’s not enough of the tooth left to fill.
  • You have a tooth which has had a root canal performed on it.
  • You have a bridge that needs to be attached to a crown.
  • You have a weakened tooth which is vulnerable to fracturing.

If you are in the Venice, Florida area or the surrounding communities, we invite you to check out the dental practice of George Strickland, DDS. Our dedicated staff is here to help you with all of your oral health needs, and we look forward to your call. Simply call 941-451-7059 today and find out if our all-porcelain dental crown is right for you!