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If you have dental problems throughout your smile, such as missing teeth, multiple fillings which are failing, broken or badly worn teeth, you may need help restoring your smile with full mouth restoration. This process rebuilds or replaces the teeth in your smile to restore healthy function and appearance.

At the dental office of George Strickland, DDS we offer full mouth reconstruction for our patients in Venice, Florida, and the surrounding areas who need help restoring their smiles.

The following areas of your smile will be assessed, using X-rays and photos, models of your teeth and impressions of your top and bottom rows of teeth. We may also refer you out to consult with specialists so that we can develop the best treatment plan for your needs.

What we look for when assessing your smile:

— Dr. Strickland will evaluate the condition of your teeth to determine if you need crowns, bridges, implants or dental veneers.

— Your gum tissue will be checked to see if you need scaling and root planing, and how your jaw bone is supporting your teeth. We will check for signs of gum disease and consider your bone density.

— Do you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain or disorder) or other conditions that might affect the teeth, such as bruxism, (the constant wear and tear on your teeth) from clenching and grinding? We will check your bite, jaw joints, and occlusions.

–Your smile will be assessed aesthetically such as the proportion, shape, color or size, of your teeth and how they look with your gums, the lips, your mouth, face and side profile.

Once your smile has been thoroughly assessed, we will create a comprehensive plan to implement the reconstruction process and help you understand all the details which your reconstruction will entail, including the risks and benefits.

If you are ready to make some changes to improve your smile health, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Strickland and our team in Venice, Florida by calling 941-451-7059 to discuss your treatment options. We look forward to helping you create the healthy smile you deserve!